The Pompeston Creek Watershed Association was incorporated in 1963 to protect, conserve, and restore the natural resources of the Pompeston Creek watershed through education, scientific investigations, and research.  At that time, a group of residents concerned about effluent from the Cinnaminson Sewage Treatment plant discharging into Pompeston Creek banded together to form the PCWA.  They were successful in their fight to get the sewage treatment plant upgraded and moved to the Delaware River.  In the subsequent years, PCWA was very active in the communities: volunteers measured rainfall and stream flows in areas that flooded, reviewed development applications and halted some development in the floodplain, studied mosquito populations and the effects of pesticides on those populations, preserved open space, periodically monitored water quality, stenciled storm drains, and educated residents on nonpoint source pollution.

In recent years, PCWA has: reactivated its water quality monitoring program; actively participated in the NJDEP Watershed Management Program; won grants; performed and maintains numerous streambank and habitat restorations; created, facilitated, and performs numerous school and community educational programs; and performed many stream cleanups.  We believe that PCWA has received much assistance from NJDEP, Rutgers, and The Watershed Institute because of our high quality data and the dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who work to improve the watershed.

Mission Statement

To promote the restoration and conservation of the natural resources of the Pompeston Creek and its watershed;

to protect and conserve animal life, forest and other plant life, water sources, and soils;

to encourage understanding of the need for such conservation through education, scientific investigations & research.