WildlifeCelebrate All Living Things
in the Pompeston Watershed

Thank you from all of us living in the Pompeston Creek Watershed. With the help of the members of the association and the many volunteers during the 2012 year, the Pompeston Creek is becoming a viable living area for a more diverse species of flora and fauna.

During the year, the PCWA has not only led cleanups along the creek, but also has partnered with other volunteer associations to cleanup the watershed. The many restoration projects removing invasive plants from the creek banks has improved the quality of the native vegetation, thus improving the food source for native organisms.

There are many annual events in which the PCWA continues to participate. The Wet Festival at Palmyra Cove brings young students from Cinnaminson and Riverton Schools to teach them the importance of clean water with hands on participation. The PCWA also works closely with STEM (Save the Environment of Moorestown) on many events and workshops. Rutgers Cooperative Extension coordinates with the PCWA to offer workshops on rain barrels and creating rain gardens within the Pompeston watershed. Also we are continuing to work with Rutgers on the Implementation Grant for the Pompeston Creek Watershed Restoration Plan. As you can see, the PCWA partners with many organizations to increase the health of the watershed.

In 2013, the PCWA celebrates 50 years of dedication to the watershed. We will continue water monitoring. Children are an important element in the future of the watershed, and the PCWA will reactivate the Junior PCWA. There are plans for more walks, canoe trips, and cleanups; education about clean water and our watershed will continue to be a priority for the PCWA.

The watershed is home to many species of plants and animals — it’s up to us to make the watershed a healthy environment for all!