volunteerVolunteer Opportunities

The Pompeston Creek Watershed Association welcomes your talents and skills, shared with others who care about the stream. You’ll feel good as you work with other watershed neighbors to protect and restore the Creek. Volunteer activities include:

• outdoor restoration workdays
• stream clean-up
• data management
• special projects
• grant writing
• publicity
• educational programs
• monitoring
• administrative assistance
• educational programs
• fund raising

The Top Six Things You Can Do NOW To Protect and Improve the Watershed

  1. Adopt your storm drain and keep these pollutants out of the Creek: trash, leaves, grass clippings, sand and salt, animal waste, oil, detergents, and other pollutants.
  2. Scoop and flush! Clean up pet waste — it’s the LAW. Dispose of the waste unwrapped in the toilet or wrapped in the trash.
  3. Use organic alternatives to pesticides and fertilizer. Maintain a small lawn area and plant the rest of your yard with native trees, shrubs, and flowers that require little or no water, pesticides, or fertilizer. Never apply fertilizer or pesticides before a heavy rain.
  4. Dispose of hazardous wastes properly, never down the storm drain. These include many household cleaning products, lawn and garden chemicals, paint, antifreeze and motor oil. Check with your municipality’s Public Works Dept. or the Burlington County Hazardous Waste Dept. to find out where to take your hazardous products.
  6. Join the Pompeston Creek Watershed Association!