Regional Stormwater Management Plan for Pompeston Creek
This project will develop an effective Regional Stormwater Management Plan (RSWMP) for the Pompeston Creek. To complete the RSWMP, a characterization and assessment of the drainage area will be completed including, as needed, detailed hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality models of the waterway. Using the data collected for the characterization and assessment, a RSWMP will be developed addressing issues such as mitigation of increased volume and rates of runoff due to new and existing development, and the impact of these increases, including erosion and sedimentation, on the waterways. Learn More >
The Status of Pompeston Creek: A Water Quality Monitoring Report
This report describes basic watershed characteristics, including land use, wetlands, plants, animals, and geology, and the primary issues that are causing declining health in Pompeston Creek (including suburban development, nonpoint source pollution, and invasive species). This report also summarizes the 11 years (1998 – 2008) of water quality data collected monthly from the creek by Pompeston Creek Watershed Association (PCWA) volunteers and identifies probable causes of the observed phosphorus, E.coli, and dissolved oxygen impairments. Recommendations are made for actions that can be taken by residents, businesses, and the municipalities of the watershed to improve the health of the Pompeston Creek. Click here to download full report >
The Cinnaminson Waterfront Today and Yesterday
Occasionally during the past years there has been special interest in the Cinnaminson riverfront, and there was more than usual in 1986 and 1987. Real estate planners and developers tried to change industrial zoning to allow them to build up to 1000 high rise condominiums on vacant land near the Delaware River. The Planning Board, in July 1986, voted 6-1 not to change the zoning, and instead recommended study of one site as a possible public recreation area, including study of financing. The Township Committee, a month later, noted 3-1 not to change the zoning. But no study was then undertaken. Click here to download full report >



Plants of the Pompeston Creek Watershed
Common native and invasive plants of the Pompeston Creek Watershed including eastern deciduous forest, freshwater wetlands and freshwater tidal marsh. Download Powerpoint Version >  Download PDF Version >